Facebook announced today that it has launched Facebook Shops in Cambodia to help businesses easily launch their online stores with the aim of helping their customers. Available for purchase on both Facebook and Instagram. Vendors can make their Facebook Shop easy and free.

Vendors can choose the products they want to sell, and then they can customize the look of their shop by covering their brand image and colors.

Now, worldwide, many small businesses are struggling, but as stores close down, more and more businesses are turning to online business. The Facebook Shops program aims to improve shopping and give every business owner, from small businesses to world-renowned businesses, the opportunity to use Facebook for the purpose of connecting with their customers.

This is why Facebook has decided to launch Facebook Shops and integrate many of its features into its platform to inspire consumers to shop as well as help make online shopping easier. .

Cambodians can now find Facebook Shops on any store's 'Facebook Page' or 'Instagram' page or search through the store's story or advertisement. On the store's page, users can browse through all the items, save their favorite products and place an order on the store's website.

In Facebook Shops, inquiries about the products of online stores are the same as for regular street shop inquiries. It is possible to send a message to the store via WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram Direct to ask questions, get help, check out shipping, and get more information. And in the future, they will be able to directly control the store and shop via WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram Direct.

Facebook is also striving to integrate features into its apps such as Instagram Shop, Live Video Shopping, and more. These features will be integrated into Facebook Shops to help customers find products they are interested in and make shopping easier and safer. You can find out more about Shops' principles of protecting your personal information here.

Facebook video streaming is popular for Cambodians today, with some stores selling new sneakers, and some Facebook celebrities also launching new lipsticks.

It's now easier to shop now, and stores and manufacturers will be able to tag their products from their Facebook Shop or catalog before uploading the video. And the products will be displayed at the bottom of the screen so customers can click through to find out more and to buy.

Facebook has announced that it is testing the app with businesses on Facebook and Instagram, and the company will launch the app in more detail in the coming months.

We are also testing ways to make it easier for users to save points with their favorite stores, enabling us to connect their Facebook accounts with other points-based savings programs. Save points at coffee shops. You will also be able to easily see and track your scores and rewards. And we're looking for new ways to help small businesses create, manage, and launch their own customer app on Facebook Shops.

Facebook has said it hopes these tools will lighten the burden of some small Cambodian businesses, as well as help small and large businesses be ready for the future.

For more information, visit: https://www.facebook.com/business/shops Andhttps://www.facebook.com/business/help/2343035149322466?id=1077620002609475