Chou Bun Eng, Permanent Vice President of the National Committee for Combating Human Trafficking and Secretary of State of the Ministry of Interior, has called on the authorities and other stakeholders to jointly prevent Cambodian workers seeking to return to Thailand. The brokers are campaigning for them to come back.

In this case, she claims, they could put them at greater risk for the HIV-19 infection.

According to the announcement of the Cambodian Embassy in Thailand on April 18, in the context of the spread of the Kovi-19 disease, the Royal Government of Thailand has announced the resignation of the state of emergency for one month from today. May 1 to 31, 2020.

At a meeting with relevant institutions, civil society organizations and the United Nations in relation to migrants on the crisis response to the Kuwaiti 19 crisis among migrant workers and communities, Jou Bun Eng said that until now Currently, nearly 90,000 Cambodian workers who have returned from Thailand have been unemployed and some have returned Because of Khmer New Year in the past. Therefore, it is important for them to work together to prevent the rush of the country because of the ongoing outbreak of the HIV-19 virus.

"Today, there is a liar called 'The Maid', 'he said,' or persuade them to go back to Thailand, telling them that they are rich and willing to take the price from They were looting at non-international and official checkpoints. Therefore, we must all work together to prevent them from spreading the HIV virus to them and to the community. "

However, she said, many migrant workers are facing long-term health and livelihood problems, but the government has been cooperating with local authorities to gather statistics to find out the real poor, to help and prevent the rush. Go back to your destination country, especially Thailand.

"Now they are facing nothing because they are looking forward to returning to their destination country or Thailand, with the brokers saying there is work to be done." "But the situation is likely to be prolonged by the HIV epidemic 19, so all of us, institutions, partners and partners must find a solution for them in a timely manner, addressing their health and livelihood."

According to the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Interior, more than one million Cambodians who have been working in Thailand since the end of March until today have returned to Cambodia, about 80,000.

However, all authorities and stakeholders must not allow them to return to prevent the spread of the HIV virus.

Please note that the Ministry of Health has so far recovered 119 of Kodaw-19 patients, while only three are in hospital, with a total of 122.

By: Eng Boucheng