Kratie: Modern sedans carry rosewoodKratie City Armed Arrested at 23:30 pm March 28, 2020, at the point of the leopard roundabout Kop village, O'Russey village, Kratie town, Kratie province, while reserve traders haul parachutes across the Kratie border to Vietnam, although Cambodian and Vietnamese authorities close the port. Boundary curb The spread of disease in any Corolla.

Lieutenant General Phat Sopheak Veasna, commander of the Kratie Municipal Gendarmerie, who led the operation, said that, according to the order of Brigadier General Sann Bunthan, the commander of the provincial police force, has been active in the ongoing and successful search and crackdown on forest crime. Bronze level. Both cars were black HIGHLANDER wearing the Phnom Penh 2N 4146 and the silver CAMRY Ball badge with Phnom Penh 2H 5407.

Currently, the exhibit is being kept at the Kratie Gendarmerie Police Station to continue the procedure without measuring any cubic meters.

However, the cops never caught a logger or a log truck, they escaped before the cops arrived.