Yemen: A coalition spokesman was quoted as saying by the official Saudi news agency on July 13: Saudi-led coalition, which has been intervening militarily in Yemen since 2015, has intercepted Two rockets and six drones were fired and launched by Shiite rebels. Thiamen refers to Saudi Arabia.

A new military operation against Houthi rebels was launched earlier this month.
Saudi-led coalition retaliates against Iranian-backed Houthi rebels In the territory of Saudi Arabia.

The war in Yemen continues unabated despite UN intervention as arbitrator In negotiations, there has been very little progress, just trade.
Only some prisoners of war. The war in that country also caused a terrible humanitarian crisis.

Saudi Arabia specializes in bombing operations, but Houthi rebels often carry out bomb attacks. Rockets, missiles and drones often carry explosives back into Saudi Arabia. Excerpted from the website: yahoo (Edited by: Bopha)