New Delhi: Throughout April, India and Pakistan have engaged in relentless cross-border shootings, resulting in casualties on both sides. As of May, border clashes with China have captured headlines around the world.

Indian Navy Commander Admiral Karaarair Singh reiterated India's readiness to deal with challenges as tensions escalate, according to Sputnik News on June 11, 2020. The border with China and Pakistan is still serious.

"Our ships, submarines, frigate and air squadrons are ready," he said. There was no relief whatsoever. We are ready to tackle any challenge. This is important because the security situation on the western and northern borders is not good.

Indian media reports suggest that both sides have agreed to withdraw troops along the lines of actual monitoring. "China and India have effectively communicated through diplomatic and military channels over issues relating to the western part of the Sino-Indian border during the period," a Foreign Ministry spokesman said Wednesday. There is a positive consensus. ” Update: October