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India: Volunteers in India will be vaccinated against COVID-19, made locally by India's Bharat Biotech This July, according to the BBC.

An undetermined number of people will be vaccinated. Part of the animal test shows that the vaccine is safe and that the immune response is effective.

This is the first vaccine made in India in collaboration with the National Institute of Sciences of India and Bharat Biotech is called. Covaxin, according to Dr. Krishna Ella, president of the company.

This second human test is designed to test whether the vaccine is safe and effective. After successful animal testing.

India is among the world's largest manufacturers of drugs and vaccines. Pune Institute of Serum, based in Pune, India, the world's largest vaccine manufacturer by the number of doses produced and Worldwide also participates in the mass vaccine production, developed by Oxford University and supported by the government. United Kingdom. The company, which distributes more than 4 billion doses of the vaccine worldwide, has developed a variety of vaccines, such as for the H1N1 bird flu. The vaccine against polio, meningitis, pneumonia, BCG, measles and other diseases.