At least 19 people, including pilots and colleagues, were killed after an Air Indian Express passenger plane carrying a number of passengers and crew was killed. 190 people slipped off the road at Kerala Kozhikode Airport and crashed into a 35-foot-high valley before splitting into two pieces. . This Friday evening. This is according to the Phnom Penh Municipal Police released on August 8.

More than 100 passengers were injured in the crash. Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi has expressed pain over the tragedy and instructed police and firefighters to take action. Immediately after the accident.

The plane, carrying 190 passengers, tried to land in bad weather when it landed. Runs at 7:40 pm and splits into two parts after plunging headlong into a 35-foot-deep ravine. .

Due to the weather at that time, it was raining heavily and visibility was also an obstacle.