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Mondulkiri: Reports from 5:15 pm on 19 April By 2020, an Indian-Indian man is stabbed to death, leaving one seriously injured. Another doctor was arrested by the police on the incident Noch House for Rent is in the village of Dram Kram, Sangkat Sok Dom, Sen Monorom City, Mondulkiri Province.

RADHEY SHAYAM, male, 46, Indian, business owner, selling blanket, Z passport, Z4985406, staying at Royal Plyley rental house In Kandal Village, Sangkat Spean Meanchey, Sen Monorom City, Mondulkiri Province. CHAND KAPOOR, male, 40, Indian, businessman, carrying passport, Z5546787; The left forearm and the ribs beneath the left breast.

According to the report, the reason the Indians sold the two blankets was the first one stabbed. Victims accused of stealing their money Such a one-off.

After the incident, the victim was taken to the hospital to be rescued while the suspect was arrested by authorities Submitted to court for processing (Editing by: Thida)