New Delhi, May 2, 2020: The Indian government on Friday continued to shut down the country, which expires on May 3, extending the expiry of the country's expired May 3, the New Delhi-based Xinhua News Agency reported on May 2, 2020. Closed for another two weeks in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus 19.

In the second phase of the closure of the country, which was stopped on May 3. It has now been postponed until May 17. India has remained shut out of the country since March 25.

The continued closure of the country means all schools, educational institutions, shops / malls and transportation will continue to close. According to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Interior, all suspensions will be allowed in those areas where there has been no case of infection.

The latest figures put the death toll at 1,152, with a total of 35,365 infections. Translated by: Mao Bopha January