NEW DELHI: India on Friday banned the export of all types of masks or respirators, fearing an outbreak of cholera in China, which has left 259 people dead.

According to Sputnik, published on January 31, 2020, the list of banned items includes N95-sized clothing and masks that are tailored to the face and are designed to filter small particles from the air.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India, in a notice titled "Amendment of Export Protection Personal / Masking Policy" states that "Export of all types of Personal Protective Equipment including Clothing and Masks Used to protect the wearer from any air / or particles, respirators or personal protective clothing Their any other, including mass (grade 2, 3/4) and a mass of 99 are prohibited from being exported by the ban will be effective immediately, until further orders.

Sources told Sputnik newspaper that the decision of the Indian government came hours after some Chinese airports were requesting mass and about 60,000 people were dispatched from India on Friday.

As demand for N95 mass has been rising in the outbreak, Chinese manufacturers have begun looking for suppliers overseas, but India's N95 suppliers and exporters are said to be out of stock.

India, a major importer of airbags and a domestic market worth $ 58 million in 2017, is estimated to reach $ 95 million by 2025, according to Allied market research. Update: October