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A 16-year-old Indonesian boy suffered serious injuries to his neck after a whale caught a fish. Immediately jumped out of the water and slammed his neck down on the boat.

The accident happened on January 18 when Muhammad Idul, 16, and his friend Sari decided to travel. Go fishing at night. The boys went out to sea in Buton, near the southeastern province of Sulawesi, and everything went according to plan until Sari arrived. Turn on his flashlight when thinking of fish coming up to the water. Suddenly, a needle fish jumped out of the water and pierced Muhammad's neck and plunged off the boat and near. Drown.

Muhammad caught the fish tightly so that it wouldn't budge for fear of serious injury. Sari stopped his friend from releasing the fish for fear of bloodshed. They swam back to shore and went to their father to be taken to the hospital.

Doctors simply cut the fish off and left the head because of inadequate equipment. They were then sent to the provincial hospital for further treatment. They are in better shape now.

Source: odditycentral , Edited by: Fortune