More than a million South Koreans have signed an online petition calling for the impeachment of President Muammar Jain over weak measures to curb Covid-19.

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As of 1 pm on Thursday, the petition, posted on the President's Office website, had garnered 1,017,689 signatures, according to the Korean Times, published on February 27, 2020. Twice a day, these reflected an increase in public dissatisfaction with the president.

The petition has criticized Moon for his poor handling of public health disasters and the adoption of what the author claims is an ineffective measure to prevent the spread of domestic infectious diseases while being indifferent. And a voice calling for the blocking of those traveling from China, the epicenter of the outbreak

"Looking at how President Moon handles the Corona crisis makes me feel that he is the president of China, not South Korea," the petition reads.

The primary role of the president is to keep citizens safe and do everything to protect them. If he had the idea, why didn't he ban the entry of people from China?

The government's anti-crisis measures are ineffective and futile and have no basic measures that prohibit entry into South Korea. Update: October