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Phnom Penh: Speaking at the launch of the new structure of Daun Penh Administration on the morning of February 12, Phnom Penh Governor Khuong Sreng Advise all district governors to help encourage people to pay regular garbage collection fees to fulfill their good citizenship obligations Make Phnom Penh Capital Full maintains a clean, comfortable and environmental quality.

In the next eight months, he said, the development of the waste management system was well underway for the next eight months Garbage collection and payment services with the right company to carry out this task. For Daun Penh district, Khueng Sreng recommends that Daun Penh must stay clean as it is the center of the district. Phnom Penh is full of tourist attractions.

Daun Penh District Governor Inspected the Sale of People on Public Roads Because not only Instead, they create a pile of irresponsible rubbish after the sale. In addition, it is committed to eradicating the growing number of illegal game fishing gear in the market.

It should be noted that the Phnom Penh Municipality has announced the receipt of garbage collection fees from the people from February 1 to February 15 Through electronic payment systems to make people more comfortable, they save time and reduce costs. Residents who had to pay for garbage collection fees in January remained unchanged in October 2019 Basically.

This problem is almost always out of place because there is rubbish everywhere because of the dumping in the field. And, some garbage collection sites do not collect. Overall, garbage collection services may be more of an issue than charging fees.