Takeo Vice President Meng Vuthy spoke about the purpose Plans to develop this ecotourism site to become a potential ecotourism destination to attract visitors. National and international tourists also visit.

Inaugurating the Prek Pumpkin Protected Area and the Inauguration of the New Lake Prefecture District 2, Borey Chulsar and Koh Andet districts this morning on Wednesday, February 12, 2020, said Meng Vuth, deputy governor of Takeo province. Currently, the provincial authorities are in charge Pay attention to the development of this natural landscape by arranging for conservation officials to patrol and maintain these birds They must be kept alive and protected from poaching, if any are caught in protected areas. Certainly punishable by law.

Mr. Mung Vuth, Deputy Provincial Governor of Takeo, added that to make the scenic area of ​​the lake Prek Speu we got a lot of tourists on our behalf. Local authorities must work together to disseminate and promote this area of ​​natural resources to improve the region. Preservation of Pumpkin Lake Become a potential ecotourism destination for natural and biodiversity tourism so that local and international visitors know about it Many species of birds are here, especially the crocodiles, which are rare in our country ៕ Takeo