Phnom Penh: In the first six months of this year, the Ministry of Interior recorded 665 Facebook accounts of people who raised issues and requests through the Facebook page. Minister of Interior Sar Kheng, of which 424 accounts have been examined and 259 accounts have been resolved.

Sar Kheng confirmed on his Facebook page on July 17: "I also ask for understanding and tolerance from the people. "For some cases that have not been resolved completely, depending on some cases require time and follow the procedure."

Mr. Sar Kheng confirmed that the General Commission of the National Police examined and responded to 172 accounts, while the General Department of Administration examined and responded. 58 accounts to the people, while the General Department of Identification examined and responded to 10 accounts.

The General Department of Immigration examined and responded to 3 accounts related to the work of officers at the land border, airport gates and work Apply immigration law to foreigners.

The Inspectorate examined, resolved and responded to 15 accounts related to civil servants and the National Police Force within the Ministry of Interior that committed wrongdoing .

The General Department of Logistics and Finance, on the other hand, examined, resolved and responded to one account related to the case of an official requesting for promotion and rank. At the same time, there are 87 comments that Mr. Sar Kheng sent to the relevant units for "function and authority".

Mr. Sar Kheng stated: "Apart from that, I also accepted the good opinions and views of the people sent to me. About 154 accounts that can make me consider to execute in national service.

Mr. Sar Kheng called on the people to continue to make comments and suggestions to him through his Facebook page, and he claimed that he Will accept these requests to review and resolve without discrimination within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Interior.