Phnom Penh: According to the Ministry of Cults and Religions, in the first six months of 2021, there will be 19 Buddhist, Muslim and Christian monks infected with Kovid. A total of 445 people / country and a total of 8 deaths / deaths.

A report by the Ministry of Cults and Religions obtained by the Post yesterday states that as of the first half of 2021, the statistics of Muslim monks and A total of 445 Christians were infected with 19 communes nationwide, including 239 monks, 203 Muslims and a total of Christians. 3 people.

A total of 309 patients are being treated, 171 monks, 135 Muslims and 3 Christians. A total of 128 people were healed, 66 monks, 62 Muslims, and a total of 8 dead, including 2 monks and a nun. Six Muslims.

Cult Ministry spokesman Seng Somony told the Post that of the 19 positive Kovid monks across the country, most were in Phnom Penh. Continuing to compile statistics on further infections

At the same time, Daun Penh district authorities decided to block the entry and exit of Wat Botumvati in Chaktomuk Sangkat for 14 days from July 20 after finding See 20 monks and residents of Positive Kovid pagoda.

Daun Penh District Governor Mr. Sok Penh Vuth yesterday cooperated with Sangkat Chaktomuk and Chaktomuk Administration Post to temporarily close Wat Botum Vatey. 14 days from July 20, 2021.

Officials at the Chaktomuk Administrative Police Station, who asked not to be named, told the Post that the blockade came after doctors had sampled 402 units. One for the monks, the grandmother, the students and the builder, and found 20 positive people, including 10 monks and 10 students.

The first sampling at Wat Botum Vatei on the afternoon of July 19 was conducted by the Prime Minister's volunteer doctors, the official said. (TYDA) In collaboration with Daun Penh District Unity Command. Kovid was found to be positive at Tuol Pongro Medical Center. As for the monks, Ta Chi, Yai Chi and other negative stakeholders, Kovid was required to perform the rituals in the pagoda continuously for 14 days.

In addition, the Kovid 19 Research Subcommittee said that 43 monks and lay people were tested positive for Kovid 19 at Wat Toul Tompong in Khan Chamkarmon.

As for Wat Prek Leap in Sangkat Prek Leap, Khan Chroy Changva and Wat Samrong Andet in Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmey, Khan Sen Sok, a team of doctors tested positive for 19 Kovids. / People too.

Meanwhile, the administration of Daun Keo Municipality, Takeo Province, issued a notice on July 19 that the monks live at Wat Siharatnaram in Sangkat Roka. In Daun Keo, which was examined and sampled by 18 doctors, 10 positive results were sent to the pedagogical school for treatment Province.

Daun Keo Municipality Calls on Buddhists, Grandma Ta Chi, who Come to Practice or Communicate with Monks at Wat Siharatnaram, Please Come and Sample at the Center The provincial pedagogical school as well as being isolated from the family for 14 days.