Phnom Penh: Preap Chanvibol, Traffic Safety Advisor, represented by Ouk Samnang, Government Delegation in Charge as UN Director And director of the Road Safety Task Force for Workers 'Protection (CPP) and a member of the Road Safety Commission, said that in the first half of this year, 8 cases of accidents on workers' trucks Cases of accident involving 223 victims of road accidents include over speeding: 35% disrespect of priority, 27% in danger situation 18% Be careful not 9% Right 5% Vehicle Specifications 1.8%, Road factor 2% and Others 2.2%.

According to the traffic safety advisor, the accident resulted in 223 workers, 2 dead, 32 seriously injured, 189 minor injuries) 2 trailers accidents. In two cases, two bicycle accidents, three victims and 18 pedestrian accidents.

Please note that the above statement was made in the main hall of the National Social Security Fund in a meeting on the achievement of the first half of 2020 and the road safety working group's continuing work direction. For the protection of the workers on Friday morning, the 625th anniversary of the year of the Penal Code is valid on July 3, 2020.