Phnom Penh: Press Conference on Government Measures Posted in response to the Kuwait 19 crisis »Wednesday morning, July 8, 2020, in the Great Hall of the Hall D ”at the Ministry of Economy and Finance under the presidency of His Excellency Vongsey Visoth, Secretary of State, Ministry of Economy and Finance.

This press conference is designed to be more publicized, clarified and answered with questions about measures put forward by the Royal Government. To the private sector, development partners and the general public about the government's recent rollout of measures aimed at assisting the private sector and workers – Employee measures to stimulate and stimulate four rounds of economic growth and cash subsidy program for poor and vulnerable families during Ivory Coast 19 .

At the press conference, HE Vongsey Visoth spoke about the Cambodian agriculture sector which has not been affected by the Kov 19 and also provided Potentially contributing to the national economy, in fact, agriculture accounts for 25% of gross domestic product (GDP) and covers 40% of the workforce. Overall. In addition, HE highlighted the increase in Cambodian agricultural exports in response to global food demand in the context of Kovid 19. . Overall, he said, "Agriculture is a strong point in Cambodia that can support the country's economic progress."

His Excellency Vongsey Visoth asserted that despite the Kov-19 crisis hit the Cambodian economy in the first five months of the year By 2020, Cambodia's exports are still positive.

His Excellency Vongsey Visoth, Secretary of State for the Ministry of Economy and Finance, said that in the first five months of this year, Cambodia's garment sector has suffered a significant decline. That some European and US markets have suspended orders because of the Kov-19 crisis. But if we look at other items that we export, we have not yet fallen, for example, agricultural goods, non-garment goods such as Electric bikes are on the rise. In the first five months, our exports from the previous year have not been negative, he said. At Kovid-19, the government is budgeting more than US $ 1 billion. "The cost to Kovid would be to conclude that the last one, we are all ready to pay for the C-29, both illnesses," he said. Both the social impact and the private sector's funding amount to $ 1.164 million. "

For social assistance, the government has allocated $ 300 million to help poor and vulnerable families during the KIO crisis, he added. This V-19. Meanwhile, by 2020, the number of poor and vulnerable families will rise by an additional 20,000, and the government has already allocated funding. Also to spend on them. The Secretary of State added that the Kov-19 fund from the Armed Forces is contributing its own salary. It has so far reached $ 20 million.

His Excellency Vongsey Visoth said Cambodia was still borrowing from foreign countries. Since we are in debt, we currently only borrow, we are okay with borrowing money, they are not yet They came to beg, we didn't use them out, our debt was low, so we still had a way to borrow, but borrow money Most often, they do not solve the problem, which requires costly and cost-effective procedures. Loans and all public resources as well.
By: Wisdom