Phnom Penh: Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of CambodiaTwo sub-standards are being promulgated: Food Street and Cambodia Street Food Standard For each type of food to be served, a municipality must have at least one food street, one district must have one less food street to serve the tourist industry. Downtown in the city Unique and best practices in accordance with the marketing campaign missionaries in Cambodia: Kingdom of Wonder: A sore.

Cambodia's Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen (R) and Honorary President of the National Committee for Clean City Assessment Clean City Under the Clean City Theme: Food City with Clean Food Roads to be held February 27, 2020

Taking this opportunity on behalf of the Royal Government of Samdech Techo Hun Sen, we urge the relevant Sub-National Institutes to continue to contribute to the promotion of cultural traditions and food heritage. Its aim to contribute to the promotion of food must be at least one municipality, one food street, and one district with one less food street. Serving tourists in the city with exciting and unique experiences in line with the Cambodian Campaign: Kingdom of Wonder: Provides The cold.
Samdech Techo said that I would like to announce the implementation of two standards: the Food Street Food Standard and the Cambodian Street Food Standard.

On the occasion of the Celebration of the 2020th National Clean Air Festival, Samdech Techo Hun Sen welcomed international visitors from all over the world. Enjoy the Kingdom of Cambodia and call on the national team to support local tourism and tourism activities by taking a tour. Tourist sites all over the country Contribute to the promotion of tourism industry, promote internal activities, and develop nationalism and national spirit of friendship and friendship. Knowledge sharing equitable benefits to local people.

Samdech Techo Hun Sen: This is the 8th year that we celebrate the National Day of the Republic under the presidency of the city: the city with a food festival. Clean up. With this theme, it is clear that the food festival is a popular tourist product for both local and international tourists. Provides experiences and memories for tourists as guests often wish to hang out and enjoy a delicious meal. Warm and confident, while the food street is also a part A series of food tourism links local economic development to people's livelihoods, culture and culture, as well as to promote business. The small-scale, family-friendly approach to development is effective.
In fact, tourism and food are the two most important relationships: food, tourism, or tourism services and food. A captivating tourism, the food embassies convey the culture, identity, locality to local and international tourism, and create a sense of belonging. Wait for tourists to visit the destination Therefore, we need to develop, compile, interpret and value the food that these cultural treasures serve for tourism and Also promote the livelihood of local people because the average cost of tourists is about 25% on food. That's a huge economic benefit Jobs. Food innovations also contribute to the development of tourism-oriented identities. Most of these food travelers are local tourists or international tourists who travel in many countries to taste food. Which contributed greatly to the internal tourism movement as well as to the domestic tourism movement of the Pandavas. In this way, the development of the street for urban food plays an important role in the development of the city's economy and the necessary urban planning. All counties must have at least one food street as the city's theme: The city has clean food streets.

I believe that the establishment of food chains in the provinces not only contributes to the internationalization of livelihoods. The people of the country will promote the heritage of the nation and also create more jobs to promote entrepreneurship and innovation. And creativity. Clearly, being a foodie requires a will, knowledge, skill, high character, art and creativity. The development of the food tourism sector has certainly led to career advancement in the tourism sector, especially in the prevention of profit sharing. District and enhances the spirit of Mao Village ៕ by: Kolab

The following is the message of Samdech Techo Hun Sen: