A senior Ministry of Education official has claimed to develop a child for the futureYou need the participation of all levels, teachers, guardians and others to develop this child. Well, so parents are serious about this job and all guardians don't think their child is studying in a private or public school. Or an international school with an education and a cost The difference for teachers to focus on teaching students the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports as well.

Lok Chumteav, Lok Socheat, Director General of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, and Secretary General of the Secretariat of the National Council for Youth Development Awards Presentation to Outstanding Leaders, Certificates of Achievement, and Scholarships to Outstanding Students of 2019 International School A Thai national on January 19, 2020, at the National Institute of Education, says that if anyone opens a school door, it closes. Channel the foolishness. ” So your investment in parenting is the most accurate and long-term investment.

"Under the leadership of the Royal Government of Cambodia, we have achieved peace," she said. In addition to the provision of education, public schools run by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, as inadequate to students, mean inadequate The entrance is a private school.
She also appealed to the parents not to think that the child is studying in a private or a public or an international school because the teacher is paying attention. In teaching students through the curriculum well. "To develop a child for the future, there is a need for participation from all levels, teachers and guardians and healers." She has just made a good development for her, so please be very careful with my parents, ”she added. Therefore.

The Director-General said that, under the leadership of the Senate, the Minister of Education is committed to reforming the education sector. This reform provides a specific education, one for all students. That's what schools everywhere do with education. Once again, she reminded that educating a child for knowledge is not just about education in the school, but that parents have to educate. More children at home. Lok Chum Teav also provided key point to ASEAN International School that investing in education is not like selling discounted clothing. We have to improve the quality, the quality of the study, the foreignness and the computer, because we have now reached the 4.0 level of science. Currently studying new programs Modern cable-STEM Academy (names) that push students closer to science fact.

In the meantime, Mr. Hong Lim, Managing Director and Founder of ASEAN International School, said that the ASEAN International School started on 3 April 2006. To date, 18 years on the road to human resource education and training under the vision, quality, excellence and virtue, along with the main mission is to promote education. Students are well versed in the teaching of standardized pedagogies and up-to-date materials. Provide students with a safe, comfortable learning environment. Promote responsible, virtuous, and culturally responsible attitude and educate students in mind, optimism, morals and morals Bamboo heirs and exemplary citizens in society.

Also, the first branch is located along Street 271, Sangkat Phsar Doeum Thkov, Khan Chamkarmorn. With the efforts and solidarity of the staff and staff, and the confidence of the students and parents, the school has expanded. Subsequently, there are seven branches in Phnom Penh and Takhmao, Kandal province, and the 8th target for 2020 is located in Chak Angreh commune. Khan Meanchey. To date, the school has a total of 4925 students and 269 staff members.

He added that over the past decade, besides providing education to Cambodian children, the school has engaged in providing job opportunities to staff. Hundreds to gain knowledge and expand and enhance their skills as well as gain experience in life, employment, livelihood and capital .

For students, in addition to providing language and general knowledge, the school is committed to educating ethics, ethics, discipline, mindset and sharing through Social activities and fundraising events for poor children in rural areas and Kantha Bopha Hospital. In addition, all students receive a leadership mindset, a resource that will grow with specific goals, life plans in mind. Its age.

The principal encourages parents of all students to get involved. In fact, in 2019, this is the first year that the school has implemented the 7 Good Habits Program (The 7 Habits for Highly Effective People) Authorized by Franklin Covey, USA The program, which has over 4ooo schools in 175 countries, is launching.

By being invited to attend any school-sponsored events and encouraging your children to get started Correct negative habits and accept positive habits that are good for yourself.

As a private educational institution supported by parents, ASEAN International Students always contribute towards sustainable development goals. Education 2030 aims to ensure the quality of education and promote lifelong learning, the right to freedom and happiness for individuals, families and National Society ៕ By: intellectual force majeure