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NEW YORK – The rapid increase in the number of people infected with the HIV virus on Sunday, April 12, matches the day 13th May, Cambodia hour has caused New York to suffer more than any other state in the United States, leading to the number of infected A total of 188,694 cases were reported in New York State, with 9,385 deaths, according to data from American newspaper The New York Times.

In total, 188,694 cases were reported in New York State, out of a total of 166,831 cases.

Another 758 people died in New York City on Sunday, Governor Andrew Cuomo said Sunday. The death toll from the virus in the state has risen to 9,385. An additional 8,236 people have been tested for the virus, bringing the total to 188,694.

Spanish health officials said there were 4,167 new cases and 619 deaths since Saturday.

Spain's death toll rises to 17,209, with 166,831 deaths and more than six Tens of thousands were cured of the disease.

Spain remains the world's second largest country with the virus, after the United States at the top Tables. Across the United States, a total of 560,000 people have been infected with the HIV-19 virus, with at least one death. 22,000 already