Phnom Penh: National Committee for Road Safety On June 1, 2020, the Press Release of the Decree on the Implementation of the Road Traffic Law Sub-Decree 39 .

Within one month (May 01 – 31, 2020) To the enforcement of the Road Traffic Law in the spirit of sub-decree No. 39 ANK dated 17 March 2020; And obtain the following results:

1: Traffic police conducted a total of 44,765 traffic offenses, including motorcycles and fish. Of the total, 32,726 motorbikes accounted for 73% of the total and 12,039 were 27%.

2: Compared to the same period of May 2019, traffic situation has improved with traffic accidents reduced by 130 times 37% (218,348 visits) Deaths dropped 42% to 27% (113/155) 162 accidents decreased 32% (342/504 deaths) . However, compared to April 2020, traffic accidents decreased by 28 times by 11% (218/246), with 14 fatalities falling by 11% ( 113 injured, down by 7% (342/368).

Of note, a large number of road users across the country have come to respect and apply the Road Traffic Law with understanding. A compassionate and orderly manner that reflects on promoting national honor and dignity and a source of encouragement to law enforcement forces. Be more mindful of the task of enforcing traffic laws.

The National Road Safety Committee would like to thank the overwhelming public for their adherence to the Road Traffic Law and its support. Restrict law enforcement and highly commend police, traffic police and law enforcement officials for their hard work In carrying out the noble task of promoting the traffic law enforcement and the public service in a dignified, gentle, courteous and firm manner. High responsibility.

4: National Road Safety Committee would like to thank and receive feedback as well as suggestions for timely review and improvement of the shortage All aimed at improving traffic law enforcement. For the minor misconduct of the police, some of the most common road traffic misconduct is mismanaged. Educate, improve, and enforce discipline. In addition, by correcting any mistakes that have been made in the past and clarifying the principles and benefits of law enforcement. On Land Traffic to the Public, Eliminating Public and Citizen Misconceptions about Government Activities and Easing the Impact Of the incitement of some of the most ignorant groups who fabricate false information, there is a bias of the profession for political gain.

5. The National Road Safety Committee informs the public that the Land Traffic Law Enforcement Force will continue to enforce the Law on Traffic Continued ground traffic and professional ethics. On the other hand, even in May, the traffic situation has improved but the number of deaths in traffic accidents is still alarming. In particular, the high rate of accidents for motorcyclists and the high rate of helmet failures remain.

This requires all road users to continue to exercise caution while driving and adhere to the Road Traffic Law. . Therefore, the National Road Safety Committee still urges the public, especially road users, to continue to obey and implement the Road Traffic Law. At the same time, to fulfill the obligations imposed by the law in a spirit of greatness to contribute to the honor and dignity of our nation.

The National Committee for Road Safety requests the Subcommittee on Road Traffic Safety Sub-Committees to further tighten and disseminate road traffic law education. Effective and sustainable

By: Kolab