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Battambang: After the theft of motorbike stolen from the city over the past month At least two provincial criminal bureau specialists were able to detect the two suspects, one of the perpetrators and the other. Acquire robbery, and professional and construction workers I was sent to the Provincial Court this afternoon on February 14 after questioning.

The two suspects, 24-year-old Cheng Chheng, were staying at the room Rent in Romchek 3 village, Ratanak Sangkat, Battambang Municipality (the perpetrator), and another, Heng Sutha, 39, of Romchek 4 village, Ratanak City Battambang (robbery buyer) and another gang The ripe name is on the run.

Mr. Kim said that the perpetrator had acted on a "motorcycle lock" of the victim's Zoomer brand. Chhun Soklyin, a 28-year-old woman, was arrested on Feb. 11 in the Dviv School in Roma 4 village, Ratanak district, and was arrested. His force, under the direct command of the provincial commissioner, conducted the search Extrusion lead to arrest perpetrators, and purchasing a theft incident occurred a day. Along with the arrest, the officer seized two Zoomer X motorbikes and other misdemeanors.

In front of the cops, the suspect, Chea Chheng, confessed that he and another faction, the defecting Tum, had stolen the motorcycle at the school Dovanman. And they have admitted that they have done six such "motorcycle locks" since the beginning of January. Until February 11, 2020, this was the last time in the Davies School. The active suspect stated that the offenses they committed were only in Battambang and had All 6 of them are completed.

Choung Kim Song, the director of the Minority Criminal Division, said the other faction, who was fleeing, was a ringleader in the crime. Action "Unlocking Motorcycles" The group has been active for some time, and after a vigorous investigation it has finally arrived. The crack. However, there is one other faction, the one whose officials are hunting. Officials are now filing the case for sending the two men to the provincial court.

More details will be published in the Koh Santepheap newspaper. (Edited by: Bopha)