The number of road traffic accidents has increased sharply in 2019 This is a major concern, and by 2020 this year marks the year that the road traffic law has been strengthened more than any other year. So far, we have made education a priority, but this year we will have to re-enforce the law.

This morning, on February 27, 2020, Mr. Krasa Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Ministry of Interior and Chairman of the Committee for Traffic Safety Vork presides over the January 2020 Meeting of Road Safety Monitoring held at the Ministry of Interior.

In the beginning, Ms. Mannavi, Secretary of State, Ministry of Public Works and Transport and Secretary General of the General Committee of Road Safety Reported to the meeting and the meeting, which followed her in January, where the team inspected over 100,000 vehicles, including more than six motorbikes. The units Found more than 30,000 vehicles, enforced fines, fined more than $ 5.1 million and checked Wearing safety helmets on a total of more than three hundred and one hundred riders, restraining and forcing over 8,000 helmets.

In addition, patrolling patrols of the National Road 4, 5 and 6, over 13,320 vehicles inspected the vehicles. And more than 6,000 legal fines. In January, more than 300 traffic police officers found more than a dozen speeding and law enforcement vehicles, under the influence of alcohol, More than 600 vehicles, more than 12,000 technically modified vehicles, and test drivers and carts were found to contain 8 people.

Remarkably, in January 2020, she stressed that a total of 355 road crashes had occurred, resulting in 20 deaths and 5 minor injuries. Fifty-eight were the result of speeding, 41 percent disqualified, 22 percent disqualified, 10 percent with 11 percent more turns 7% of the patients were intoxicated Vehicle factors percent and 3 percent. Of the 26 deaths, 1 were 30 night-time killers, most of them motorbikes, who did not wear more than 12 helmets. There are 0 people already.

She added that the number of accidents compared to December 2010, the number of traffic accidents has decreased by 12, but the death toll has risen to 20, with injuries increasing. Fifty-eight people have died, and the number of casualties has risen significantly over the course of January 2017. The report also notes that residents in Phnom Penh use more than 90 percent of their helmets during the day, but only 5 percent of the night. Only the highest number of fatalities were in Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville and Kampong Speu.

On the occasion, Minister of Public Works and Transport HE Sun Chanthol also extended his greetings to Prime Minister Krala Lump and the meeting about professional work. The Ministry of Commerce, in particular, measures to address traffic issues in Cambodia, such as liaising with private partners for Promote Dangerous Advertising Transportation, modernization of the vehicle to keep track of the vehicle, modernization of the car weights on the road Vehicle registration and vehicle inspection of the vehicle.

The Senior Minister also mentioned about preparing an online system for all companies registered with the Ministry of Commerce to report on the activities. The work of training its staff on compliance with the law to ensure promotion will be more comprehensive and, at the same time, the Ministry of Public Works. Shipping and transport We are also looking forward to working with public and private sector organizations to organize a simple and relevant education for their respect. The law is available to the public in addition to priority enforcement measures.

After that, Samdech Krasaing Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Ministry of Interior and Chairman of the National Road Safety Committee To the meeting, the prince pointed out that today's meeting, in fact, has been postponed for about a year. Due to traffic conditions There has also been a resurgence, but in 2019 the number of traffic accidents has increased, raising serious concerns that demand is high. This monthly meeting comes up to monitor work more effectively.

"In 2020, we have set a very strong year for traffic law enforcement," he said. More than any other year, we have taken a major education initiative, but this year we have to take measures. Repeat the process primarily by leaving the lesson code behind. He stressed that the law is not about knowing or not knowing the law, it is about respect, so the law must be Important for this year to improve efficiency and reduce traffic accidents. After all these years, we have focused on education.

In addition, he said that from now on, we must increase the focus of the implementation of the action plan. The goal is to exceed the target, if the destination is to reduce traffic risk, what we need to do to make plans. This destination pepper, with a specific indicator and duration of implementation. In this example, we will need to amend the law on road traffic, so whether we have to start From the end of the month, or the amendment of the sub-decree to add to the sentence or sentence of the crime, we must all Be clear in this job.

In that occasion, the prince advised the Phnom Penh-Provincial Road Safety Committee to draft the plan. Annual Activity The Secretary General of the National Road Safety Committee for National Committee to organize Gather, compile, and assemble To ensure that the targeted employment goals are taken into account, money is effectively and effectively implemented. Avoiding good job direction, but there are limits on how to apply for a job goal. Well.

Regarding the traffic law amendment, Samdech Krom Hem Kheng said that the public should not be complacent This is because the social situation, especially the traffic situation in Cambodia, is changing from year to year, which in principle is required. Actual amendments to address the issues raised Most recent. He also recommended that discussions on road safety mitigation be implemented as well. It is up to the road construction bidding project to be defined in the Road Traffic Law as a single investment.

For the work of the Kingdom of Cambodia, the Deputy Prime Minister has emphasized that all police officers must continue to adhere to their duties. According to the Land Traffic Law by the prince, it is noted that passengers are now very afraid of the fact that there is a daylight Working a lot, they put on their helmets He has many rules and laws, but with no night traffic, he has broken many laws, especially Never wear a helmet at all. Therefore, the Prime Minister recommended that traffic enforcement be monitored at night. At the same time, it is recommended to increase road safety cameras and monitor large truck drivers for substance use. N.

As noted, the Deputy Prime Minister reminded, encouraged and encouraged the tourism authorities to take the view “everyone is equal to The law ”is not just for the little ones, but also for the greats, but illegally must be held responsible, fines and penalties. Punishment, and we as practitioners, must also behave Appropriately enough, for example, must always be respectful of the people before instructing the government about their implementation. Law. The prince was proud of the behavior of many of his colleagues who worked well. Before concluding, the prince also offered to support and encourage the development of the training on the issue in addition to the response. The law is the highest priority