Rome: So far, the Epidemic Epidemic of Kiev 19 has killed 14,681 people in Italy. The country's Civil Protection Department, which handles the national emergency response, said Friday that the total number of confirmed infections, deaths, and healers totaled 119,827 on Friday.

According to the Xinhua News Agency, April 4, 2020, Italian experts have confirmed that the number of new infections has also decreased. On Friday, the country reported 766 deaths related to polio.

The number of infections increased to 85,388 with 2,339 new cases.

"Of those who tested positive, 4,068 were in intensive care, 28,741 were in hospital and 52,579 were in hospital," said Angelo Borrelli, director of the Department of Civil Protection. The other or 62 percent had to be quarantined because they did not have symptoms or mild conditions.

The number of recovered people has increased by 1,480 in the last 24 hours, totaling 19,758.

Update: October