PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) – After Prum Sann, adviser to the Ministry of Information, posted a video The night of March 27, 2020 shows the actions of a group of soldiers using violence to hit a disabled electrician sitting on a bench. Wheelchair to work: His Excellency, the President of the Khmer Party, Urged to Take Action in the Case of Border 504 to Attack Disabled Workers The thing disconnects.

Also, HE Sok Sovann Vannabong called William, Member of the Supreme Council of Advisory and Advisory, to take urgent action in this case. . And he said that he was immoral and did not manage his uniform.

He said that the law must be applied equally and without exception to such cruel individuals. People are waiting to see if the law works. So far, there have been no reported shootings, but the bank robbery near Vanda has been muted.

According to Mr. Som San, according to some informants, the reason why Chief 504 was late to pay for the fire was because of drowning. You lost a great deal of casino games by: Kolab