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Phnom Penh: In 2019, Phnom Penh authorities have implemented the Village / Sangkat Safety Policy in order to maintain order and security. Better publicity for the people and society, which has reduced over 200 offenses to warm up the people in the capital Phnom Penh.

According to Phnom Penh's Mr. Khuong Sreng, at the opening ceremony of the annual meeting of the year Implementation of the 2020 plan of Phnom Penh Municipal Administration and the Royal Government's Task Force on the basis of Phnom Penh Capital Hall, the morning of February 26, 2020 The presence of Mr. Socheat Vong Chairman of the Capital Council.

In Phnom Penh for 2019, the number of criminal offenses was 838/1046, a decrease, he said. In 208 cases, 20% of all cases were reported by the Phnom Penh Unity Commission. Of the overall number of offenses this is a positive sign Of decreasing the number of criminal offenses, safety and crime prevention cooperation more effectively.

The governor also said that in 2019, the authorities have also organized the Water Festival, Water Festival, Moon Festival and Okmok The event was attended by a large number of international and local tourists. The total is about 4.9 million Increase by 6.6% from 2018, despite little impact from political factors and attempts by outlawed groups Nevertheless.

In addition, the Phnom Penh Municipality has been preparing the five-year development plan 2020-2024 and the three-year investment plan 2020-2022 in There were 207 activities of the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration, 409 District / Sangkat Administration activities, and 81 Departmental activities. The group has funded approximately $ 985000000000. Conducted a total of 33 state-owned location leasing inspection meetings with private contractors other than property Forty-four states have registered their investment locations in the Capital Investment Sub-Committee on a total of 25 locations. Resolved Canal Construction and On-Site Housing Development for Poor People and Stung Meanchey Communities 153 families, in the first phase, have already received the Certificate of Ownership and are continuing the process More.

Separately, in dealing with the impacts of the satellite project, the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration and the ocic side continued to distribute the 5th card. So far, we have worked together to address the impact and organize 295 flyers Set to be completed by mid-year B. Completely chronic cases of land conflicts in Boeung Kak development and Borei Keila community and progress Addressing the end of the Bamboo Glass Development Area, the Tonle Sap Lake Development Area, the former railroad area, the Tuol Kork pumping station, the Boeung Trabek pumping station, and Check for any disorganization Some more.

The governor added that the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration in 2019 also provided public services to the people through the entrance In Phnom Penh, there are 23,959 services with the revenue of 41680,000 Riels and through the One Window Service Office 35,3104 people with income Budget 9279000,000. Enhanced bus service autonomous service capacity by upgrading 3 lanes There are 235 cities and gradually, more and more residents are using the service, on average Population is about 26,000 At 3 thousand daily.

He also emphasized that the conference was kept up to the same standard as the previous year, which was divided into discussion groups led by Deputy Governor and composed of National Working Group, Local Authorities, Departments, and Municipalities, under the chairmanship of Mr. Pa Socheatvong, President of the Capital Council Mainly on the topic There are four measures: 1. Measures to promote security, public order, and enforcement of traffic laws. 2: Waste Management in Phnom Penh And 3) the prevention of illegal construction, the wrong construction permit and the construction permit; Human Resources ៕ (Editing by: Thida)