Deputy Prime Minister HE Aun Porn Moniroth, Deputy Prime Minister The Minister of Economy and Finance and Chairman of the Steering Committee for Public Financial Management led the meeting of the Financial Management Reform Steering Committee Public with Development Partners, this morning, July 7, 2020 at 9:00 am, at the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

His Excellency the Governor General said that the implementation of Public Financial Management Reform Program in 2019 has made good progress in all areas. Phase 3 Joint Action Plan, in which: 1) budget reliability is still maintained as a result of the effective implementation of the revenue plan; Achieve 131% of National Budget Law of 2019, or KHR 27740 billion and National Budget by 99.05% or 23468 Billion Riel. 2) The Financial Accountability System is being developed through the introduction of the Official Financial Management Information System (FMIS) at All General Departments of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, 25 Provincial Departments, 25 Departments of Economy and Finance, and 37 Ministries . 3) Linking budget to policy has been changing the Cambodian budget system by strengthening and expanding the implementation of program budget as a basis for ministry. The institution uses the budget as a tool for promoting sector development. As of 2019, program funding has been rolled out to all 18 Ministries, Institutions and Provinces. Other provincial and provincial administrations will be implemented until 2021.

For the management of the budget by 2020, the Royal Government has made budgetary decisions with special emphasis on combating the epidemic. Kovwe 19 will prevent negative effects on the national economy. Costing and cost optimization is aimed at strengthening staff management costs strictly by applying new recruiting principles to Equal to the number of retirees – keeping the same number of civil servants, military and police as in 2019 – and digitizing expenses Not necessary or not necessary, has little to no impact on work activities and has high or total import components to meet new expenses.

The Deputy Prime Minister recommended the members of the Public Financial Management Reform Steering Committee and the Public Financial Management Reform Working Group The Ministry of Economy and Finance and other ministries continue to strengthen public financial management reform program and welcomed and appreciated. For representatives of development partners, it is always good to cooperate and provide technical assistance and financial resources.

HE Governor highly appreciated the Public Financial Management Reform Working Group of Ministry, Institutions and Departments And finance who have worked hard to become the Marshal of the NCDD in both leadership, coordinating, supporting and monitoring and evaluating program progress. Comprehensive quarterly and annual management of public finance, reflecting the work of reform and public financial management systems. The whole.

The Meeting viewed that Cambodia's public financial management system is strong in preventing the economic crisis that can be caused by external factors. As a matter of fact, the slowdown in economic growth has been caused by the outbreak of the disease. HE stressed that the Economic and Financial Policy Committee has developed a responsive mechanism, which is composed of four tasks to 1) formulate a financial budget policy; And social assistance; 2) managing supply and commodity prices; 3) organizing and managing social assistance mechanisms; and 4) preparing financial and banking measures to Manage and resolve impactsBy: Columbus