Deputy Prime Minister Gen. Kim Kim Yan, President of the National Authority for Combating Drugs, said that in 2019, the authorities cracked down on 9,806 drug offenses, an increase of 22.54%, with an increase of 20,490 suspects. About 24.54% and 750kg of drugs, up 39.96%.

Opening Ceremony of the Meeting on Drug Control Results for 2019 and Directions 2020 and Meeting on the Implementation of the Fourth Plan on Combating Illegal Drugs Campaign in the morning of March 16, 2020 "In 2019, the law enforcement authorities have triggered this incident 9,806 cases of drug offenses (up 22.54%) arrested 20,490 suspects (up by 24.54%), seized 750kg of all kinds of drugs (Up 39.96%).

He added that the freeze and confiscation of movement and other related materials and funds, including 61 major cases involving 140 suspects, 54 foreigners, 27 masterminds and others They were 113.

He added that, through rigorous operation of all levels of authorities, we have been able to prevent and eliminate drug trafficking in clubs and resorts throughout the country by the end of 2019.

Recall that, according to the Briefing Report on Drug Control Result 2019 and the 2020 target, the 2019 equipment seized in the Crime Stoppers submitted to the Provincial and Provincial Court included: 72 units, 2,653 motorcycles, 7,041 phones, 398 scales, 11 long arms, 11 short arms, Cambodian silver 98,682,400 Moreover, the United States, $ 128,822, $ 81,570 Thai baht, US $ 16,578,000, frozen flat 1 1st place and house plot of land anywhere in the province.

The report says that criminals are still using Cambodia as a drug transit site, especially in the border provinces with neighboring countries. Exports along the Cambodia-Vietnam border are also major drug offenses.

By: Eng Boucheng