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Success can not happen in a moment, but there are things you can do every day Ensure you can be a successful person in the future. Famous billionaires like Elon Musk and executives at major companies like Google and Facebook Success is a goal that people strive to achieve every day. And the key to achieving this goal is patience and determination. The following are the main things you must do every day to have a successful life:

1. Read books that are completely unrelated to your occupation:
Reading is the easiest way to extract experiences from other people and to offer different skills To you as a leader. But it is important to expand your knowledge beyond what you already know.

2. Do what you've always been afraid of:
Having the courage to do something that you used to be afraid to do is a sign that you are developing. If you don't like public speaking, you can start by learning how to speak, such as at work meetings. Although it may be difficult when you first do it, you will start to brave it later.

3. Exercise:
According to Tom Corley, who spent five years studying the rich, there are always things like that. The other is exercise because most people who exercise are smart, committed and confident 20% more than others.

4. Allow time to miss your competitors:
Tolerance or anger towards a competitor or person who is critical of you can affect your mood and spirit as well. It also prevents you from achieving bigger goals. But only if you can recognize them can you be more motivated to show off your ability and performance. Edited by: Sokhuk