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Preliminary reports say that local officials in Veal Rin commune, Prey Nup district, Preah Sihanouk province, have paid their respects. Ask the district and provincial leaders and relevant ministries to help solve the water shortage issues in Veal Roeung Town and Villages After the water supply from the private sector was cut off Completely and, as of March 14.

According to the same commune official, the people are currently buying water for sale in cars or at home for a while. And whether buying water for sale is also problematic is because of the growing demand for cars Rolling water trucks do not sell much.

Concerning the lack of water during the dry season in Veal Deng district, Prey Nup district governor Sar Poe has previously sought intervention from the department. Sihanoukville Industry and Handicrafts Visit Private Water Supply Facilities And adjacent areas after the water supply was available It wasn't enough earlier this week to unite.

The challenge is that residents say that if there is no rain for some months, water shortages can become more difficult As the weather is warming up.