Phnom Penh: If the situation of HIV / AIDS in Cambodia is not relieved, Cambodia will ask for a team of Chinese specialists to replace the old doctors who were sent to help Cambodia recently. Only 14 days and will return to their country. According to the Minister of Health, Mam Bun Heng told Radio France International (RFI) on March 24, 2020.

In the past, China has provided seven medical teams to train medical and medical equipment for the ongoing fight against the disease in Cambodia.

“We will review together, we look at the situation, yes he came in 14 days, if our situation is good and if there are any problems that continue, then he will have another team for 14 days,” he said. "After 14 days and then he looks at the positives, he will finish. If it looks bad we will ask him to come and replace them."

So far, Cambodia has identified 87 HIV positive people, with two recovering. By: Tylott