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Phnom Penh: A senior civil aviation official said that according to an analysis by the International Civil Aviation Organization If Kovi 19 persists through July 2020, the problem will be far worse for travelers. The air is more than $ 155 billion.

Speaking at a press conference this morning at the Council of Ministers, Mr. Sin Chan Sereyvutha, Deputy Director General of Technical Secretary of State Cambodian tourism has said that the outbreak of Kov-19 had a global impact. In Cambodia, the Ministry of Health has been the leading ministry in preparing for the spread of the outbreak and the pandemic-19 pandemic. Civil Aviation is an institution that coordinates with the Ministry of Health in line with the same international context.

"The impact on the aviation sector, as it has been studied, is twofold," he said A. And the rise is also fog (V) and U (F) is declining fast, but lasts forever. It is time to finish up. In this way, we think that in the fall of V, the impact of January down and in May will be Recurrence (non-invasive disease).

He further explained that by analyzing V-forms, the number of travelers worldwide is decreasing 47% means that passenger numbers will drop to 503 million (worldwide). Of the total revenue lost by travelers, 503 million were worth about $ 112 billion A lot. On the other hand, in the U-analysis, the decline lasts for June or July. A 58% decrease in passenger volume is equivalent to a decrease of 607 million passengers and a total loss of $ 155 billion. The American.

"The letter V has a fast passenger speed and a fast recovery," he said
The letter U means to decrease and to decrease. "This is a 19-year global impact of the disease."