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Vietnam: While Vietnam is suffering with a new case of pneumonia caused by the virus, the virus in some circumstances As a matter of fact, another new thing is happening: the ATM case breaks out, but then clicks away. Rice.

Because Vietnam put the country in an emergency and shut down the entire country, requiring the Vietnamese people to stay in the house, the Vietnamese government Seeing that poor people face poor living conditions, they turn to a program called ATMs to retrieve rice.

Vietnamese entrepreneurs in Ho Chi Minh City set up a 24-hour automated vending machine offering rice Free to the unemployed person, per person, per click for 1.5 kg.

Vietnam reported 262 cases of Covid-19 and no deaths so far, but as a result The 15-day social isolation program, which began on March 31, has been shut down by many small businesses. Thousands were laid off.

Hoang Tuan Anh, a businessman with the initiative, donated a glass door to Ho Chi Minh City Hospital. Before turning his technical skills to food and rice distribution. This rice-press ATM is reported to be available in other major cities such as Hanoi, Hou and Da Nang ៕