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Kompong Speu: A man with severe abdominal injury was rushed to hospital after being victim. The brother suspected of making a knife stabbed in a verbal altercation while eating ice cream. In this case, the family first reported to the police to detain the suspects, but then asked the authorities. The suspects were released because they did not want one in jail and another in hospital.

The incident occurred at 8:30 pm on February 9, 2020 at Prey Phuk Teuk Village, Preah Vihear Commune Nir Pisey District, Kampong Speu Province.

The perpetrator was Chon Nana, a 23-year-old male, and the victim's sister Choun Yana, a 26-year-old male. The two siblings live in the scene above.

According to authorities, the two brothers and other friends had gone before the incident. Drinking a lot of beer, drunkenness, and then the other friends in the village who were drinking with him, returned. All the rest of the house was gone, but the victims and perpetrators continued to drink together until they were drunk Yeah, listen to each other.

According to the source, while drunk, the perpetrator and the victim were arguing over the incident. In the ice because of this, the victim blamed the perpetrator for being too lazy to work. Be careful. After being scolded, the perpetrators, angered, ran up to the house to take a knife. At the same time, the victim ran along and there was a fight on the stairs. The victim pushed the victim down from the stairs, but luckily, relatives helped and secured him. The perpetrator could also have been brainwashed, causing the loss of life.

The sources later said that the two did not stop the altercation. Again and again, until their respective exits, the victim was found to have had a leaky gut and a full body bleeding The perpetrator then fled.

According to local authorities, the family did not initially want to be detained because of their children. One of them had a gunshot wound, and then decided to sue the police for legal action. When law enforcement arrested the perpetrators to file a case At the top of the class, the parents came and asked them not to proceed with their child's case Imprisonment because they understand that one child is hospitalized and does not want another child jailed.

However, in the above case, the authority could not finish the case at their request That the case has already been completed, so the perpetrators are sent to the provincial court to take action. Continue Legal (Editing by: Thida)