Central: Ponhea Leu district police have reported a premeditated murder case Husband burns his wife, causing her to go on fire after marriage Married for a month, but the husband asked to be compatible, but the wife did not abruptly buy the gas and the opportunity to burn. Just kill it once. Please note that the two of them fell in love with each other and were not married properly.

The incident occurred on June 6, 2020 at 1:00 pm at Prey Por village, Chhlong commune, Ponhea Leu district, Kandal province.
The victim was identified as Sar Chan, a 47-year-old Cambodian woman who was a factory worker. The suspect, identified as Nguon, is a 51-year-old male Khmer, a construction worker living in Aral district, Kampong Speu province. At the scene, four bottles of half a liter of pure water (gasoline).

The pair wore a pair of leggings. One sheet of writing (1st Betrayal 2; Loving the Outsiders, harming us, hurting us, bringing home smokers) Left on the suspect's bed.

Ponhea Leu district police have confirmed that on a random date during 2018, the victim and the suspect had an affair and were living together as a couple. Until then. Until May Day, in May, 2020, the suspect was drunk and came to the victim's place to find out about the victim and Allegedly: The victim of stealing has a new boyfriend and has not spoken to him for more than a month. As of the date of the incident, the suspect had asked the victim to be reunited, but the victim did not. Say: Prepare to name Chan Pheara, male suspect and leave the house, then the suspect goes to bed alone in the house while the victim He was in the front bed with his daughter, Chan Srey Nich, 19, while the suspect was carrying four bottles of pure water. Half a liter and two liters of ready-made water, poured it on the victim, set the victim ablaze, and then the suspect crawled out through the shield. The walls of the house escape. When the victim's daughter came to her senses, the mother screamed for help and extinguished her. Calmette Hospital in Phnom Penh until 11 pm The same day, the victim died at Calmette Hospital was taken by the victim's car to the hospital. Come home.
In this case, the task force, in cooperation with the police force, will continue to follow the procedure.

By: Kolab