Middle: PM Hun Sen Urges Ministry of Health to Issue Guidelines for Preventing Kovid 19 Infection During Water Festival The end of October, although the festival is not held in Phnom Penh like every year to prevent the spread in the community.

Inauguration of the first Prince Manor Entertainment Center in Cambodia in Kien Svay District, Kandal Province on the morning of October 7, 2020, Mr. Hun Sen Due to Kovid 19 disease, the Royal Government has decided not to hold a Water Festival rally in Phnom Penh this year. However, the Ok Ambok ceremony to worship the moon god will still be held at home in pagodas, and in some provinces one can organize a water festival where the locals Always do the past. Therefore, the Ministry of Health must prepare guidelines to prevent and curb the spread of Kovid 19.

"Kovid has not forgotten us and we do not know where it is hiding," he said. In the past, in some countries, many doctors have died from 19 cases of Kovid. "We need to take steps to prevent and prevent Cambodia from contracting 19 communicable diseases in the community."

The Prime Minister also urged the Ministry of Health to examine the feasibility of using and purchasing medical equipment and supplies for disease prevention. Kovid-19 is also in stock, which must check the quality and date clearly, avoid leaving it in stock for too long, leading to damage can not Especially useful masks and clothing for doctors and health workers who work directly in the fight against Kovid 19.

"We need to look at our strategic stocks," he said. What should be released is to be released, and what needs to be purchased to be stocked with both medicines, masks and medical clothing is Have to buy.

Following the announcement, urges the development of strategies and guidelines for measures to prevent and control the spread of Kovid-19 disease, Mr. Mam On October 7, 2020, the Minister of Health, Bun Heng, issued an urgent directive on strengthening the practice of tattooing in homes and districts. Take action to prevent the spread of Kovid-19 virus into the community because Cambodia is still at risk of contracting Kovid-19 at all times. Still.

To contribute to the prevention of the transmission of 19 cases of Kovid into the community, 14 days of intensive care or isolation Apart from that, it is still one of the most important measures. Individuals who are required to perform 14 days of meditation at home and in the districts are required to participate properly and strictly according to Recommendations of the Ministry of Health and supervised by local authorities throughout the country after receiving the first negative test results Kovid virus 19. Non-compliance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, such as the movement of individuals from one place to another or contact with Others during intercourse or in isolation may lead to transmission of Kovid 19 from one person to another. One creates an opportunity for transmission to others and can also lead to transmission in the community if the person is infected with the virus Kovid 19.

At the same time, the Ministry of Health has once again called on the public, as well as relevant ministries, sub-national authorities and all local authorities to "join Prevent the transmission of Kovid-19 virus into the community. ”Sub-national authorities must continue to activate Educate people about preventive measures and the need for catalysis or isolation.


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