Mondul Kiri province: School students said that studentsHun Sen Keo Seima High School fainted 10 people were sent to save at Keo Seima District Health and Medical Center this afternoon This is January 2020.

Authorities said that one of the 10 fainted students was one of the most seriously injured, and was sent to a nearby hospital. Referral Hospital Mondulkiri Province.

Until then, January 23, 2030, local authority is not aware of The cause of the 10 students fainting yet, waiting for the health officials to come to the examination first. .

But the case of schoolgirls at Hun Sen Keo Seima High School first collapsed with only female students. The incident happened from about 3 pm on January 23 until almost 5 pm on the same day the students were healed 10 in a row, but one in ten must have one Send to Kiri Hospital in critical condition.

10 fainted students include: 1- Rakhaiza, Female Grade 11, 2- Luan Kimher Female, Grade 10, 3- Chun Srey Nin Female Grade 10, 4- Seng Ly Qing Female Students Grade 10, 5-Savivos Anita Female, Grade 10, 6- Female, Female, Female, Grade 10, 7- Pen Srey Vet, Female Students Grade 10, 8- Female Rita, Grade 10, 9- Female Female, Grade 10 & 10: Female, Female 11th grade.

According to the authorities, local authorities concluded that it was likely that the student was suffocated and left in a coma.

At least 10 fainted students are now being rescued at a private hospital at the Amar-Seima Health Center. By: Domain