Phnom Penh: Samdech Prime Minister said that his compatriots are respected ! "In defense, we have the people's defense that connects the people with the armed forces. Now, in the war against infectious diseases, we see that we have a renewed commitment to public health. Once
By joining forces to curb the spread of the devastating disease. Samdech Hun Sen, Cambodian Prime Minister on the afternoon of April 25, 2020.

Samdech stated that for the contribution of the charities led by the King and His Majesty, as of this date, he received a grant of $ 13,998,698.

For voluntary donations through payroll donation as of 17 April 24, 2020 yesterday
22,061 persons with the amount of KHR 28,814,025,000;

For action to help local people, including migrant workers from Thailand and one worker
The small number of people who visit their hometowns on Khmer New Year are well cared for by the Ministry, doctors, officials, officials, provincial, district, commune, and armed forces.

Each person contributes to the spread of the disease through personal and family hygiene, as instructed by the Ministry of Health. Migrant brothers from Thailand and workers' children
Those who visit the district during the New Year also have to pay close attention to health and living separately
14 days to ensure that no copy of the Kod 19 passes to the family or enterprise.

Although our country has had no deaths and no infections in recent days and has been cured
Already a lot has been healed, but the challenge remains to be seen. If nothing helps
The patient or the physician, but do not bring the physician to the doctor, which is a burden on the physician to the state and especially to himself and his family because the patient will suffer first.

The protection of people's health is a key policy in the battle against the deadly epidemic