Phnom Penh: Prime Minister Hun Sen called on people to prevent natural disasters on the occasion of the National Disaster Management Day on October 13 The topic was "Safe living and disaster resilience."

The establishment of the National Day for Disaster Management is a wake-up call for the Cambodian people, together with the people of the ASEAN region, as well as In the world to be careful to prevent the consequences of disasters on the socio-economic and raise awareness of disaster risk reduction.

Prime Minister Hun Sen said in a message today: "The great success that the government has achieved so far depends on the foundation. Peace is a value for the Cambodian people. "Thank you, peace." Without peace, the risk of catastrophe is even greater, seriously affecting human life and development. "That is why we must continue to keep the peace, no matter what the circumstances."

Mr. Hun Sen stated that, in fact, through the occurrence of abnormal events caused by natural disasters such as floods, droughts, wind, epidemics. Occurs almost every year, causing physical damage, financial loss, affecting the economy, society and people's livelihood.

He said that in order to protect people's lives from disasters, it is necessary for everyone to be prepared and participate in the implementation of measures taken by the authorities. To prevent disasters caused by natural and man-made disasters.

"The uncertainty of future climate change and the unpredictability are only conspiracies," he added. Strive for disaster management, starting with individual citizens and individual families participating in community ownership for livelihood "With safety and disaster resilience."

In that, Mr. Hun Sen also advised local authorities at all levels to continue to share knowledge with each other in promoting defense activities. Health, personal hygiene, clean living, good environment at the local level as well. In addition, all levels of forces must be ready to respond to disasters.

Hem Odom, an environmental expert, said that mitigating the ongoing disaster required the participation of all parties. Governments should have in-depth studies and protect natural coverings such as forests, rivers, lakes and other resources and be rehabilitated to do so. However, Cambodia should avoid disasters in the future.

"If it is a disaster, it is natural, but if it is man-made, then we have to," he said. "Talk more closely, because in this, the leadership mentioned the participation of relevant institutions."