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BEIJING, March 25 (Xinhua) – Chinese health authorities said on March 25 in China, according to Xinhua. There is no new domestic virus, COVID-19.

BEIJING, March 25 (Xinhua) – The Chinese Medical Commission received a report on March 25 that included 67 new cases of the virus. Of these, 18 are found in Shanghai, 12 in Mongolia, 11 in Guangdong 6 Six in Beijing, six in Fujian, three in Xian, two in Zhejiang, two in Tianjin Two in Yunnan, two in Jiangsu, one in Shanxi, one in Jinn and one in Henan . As of March 25, there were 541 imported foreign viruses in China.

As of March 25, the mainland's death toll was six, all in Hubei. On the same day, 401 people were discharged from the hospital, while the number of seriously ill patients decreased By 1,235 people. March 25 figures report a total of 81,285 people infected with the virus in mainland China. There are 3,947 lives. 74,051 people were able to leave the hospital after recovery.

Hubby opens the door, people rush out
Hubei province on March 26 reopened with buses and buses crashing out of business. Roads are congested due to heavy traffic after two months of COVID-19. In front of the MACHENG train station, a town of 800,000 people, children and children lined up. Under the rain, it is possible to buy a train ticket and leave the province, which has been cutting off parts of the country since the end of January Come on.

The Chinese government announced on March 24 that travel restrictions will be lifted under certain conditions from mid-term. Overnight for the whole of Hubei, except Wuhan, the capital city, the epicenter of the virus. Restrictions on the movement in Wuhan with 11 million people will be canceled until March 8.

Hubei, with more than 50 million people, is the most affected by the virus's spread. The closure of Hubei Province precedes the Lunar New Year when migrant workers in major cities flock to the district Birth. As a result, millions of workers are waiting, hoping to return to the workplace as their families depend on their jobs They are.

HUANGGANG, a city of 7 million people, is one of the hardest hit by the virus of labor with luggage. They wait for the train or bus to leave.

In addition to transportation by rail and road, three provincial airports opened on March 25 except the airport Wuhan plane. Trains will allow passengers in Wuhan from March 28. However, only 30 lanes to Wuhan were opened on March 25 for existing drivers Green code. Chinese media published images showing the long road congestion. Excerpt from the website: yahoo (Edited by: Bopha)