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According to preliminary reports, Mao San is shocked by this poor family while his father is drowning in The Sangker River suddenly lost its son and daughter but later found two young children drowned in the river. Nearby died at 3:30 pm local time February 01, 2020 in the Sangker River in Bos Khnae village, Khnach Meanchey commune, Banan district.

According to local officials, the two victims, one brother Sophon Ma, 9 years old and another Choeun. Viy, a 5-year-old female, lives in Cheng village, Khnach Meanchey commune, Banan district.

The two children lost their lives in drowning while following parents who were swept away, the official said. Avoid the river at this point. And they drowned, while parents were drowning and didn't watch their children. 2 That's the same swimming pool nearby.

According to the guardians, the victim was quoted by police as saying that they had been crawling in the Sangker river for sale. To provide for their families, he often brought them along. And those two little ones are always swimming or crawling on shallow water. Deep water.

But on the day of the incident, the parents forgot to look at their children, so they rushed to the place, police said. Deep down, drowning them both.
The parents of the victims confirmed that when they lost their children, he cried, but there was no answer, but doubted He also searched the water at the scene and found the bodies of the two in shock.

Local officials say that, given the nature of the inquiries, it is possible to conclude that the case of drowned children was: Due to negligence by the caretakers who neglected their children when they were brought down River. This is a very sad lesson for parents who should be cautious when taking their little ones for a swim. Waterfalls, waterfalls, or rivers. (Edited by: Bopha)