Brad Klontz, a financial psychologist, shares four characteristics of a person. Affect the management of individual money. The reason is that financial decisions are related to people's emotions, so you will be able to manage these decisions well. More than ever, if you know yourself. Here are four traits that Clans mentions:

1. You like to avoid money
People with this attitude are people who like to avoid topics related to wealth. Nathan Astle, a board member of the Financial Therapy Association, says it happens when people One used to see parents arguing over money, and now these topics make them unhappy.

They are also people who can give up their happiness for their children. Erika Wasserman, founder of Your Financial Therapist, says most mothers have this attitude. .

2. You like to respect money
People in this category are the opposite of those who avoid money. These people think that wealth equals their happiness. They may be people who work non-stop and say that people can not have enough money.

3. You like to think that money is equal to class
These people think that their value is equal to the wealth they have. Most of them are people who like to brag about their wealth and try to spend it on others around them. . Most of them are people who spend more than they can afford.

4. People who worry a lot about money
These people not only like to save money in case of emergency, but they are also very worried about money. Make them diligently check their bank accounts. Obviously, it is not entirely bad, but people with this personality can not take the money to do something that brings happiness. Not much.