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South Africa: Although the virus, Kovir 19, is stirring the world as it has claimed lives Lots of couples get swept aside, the world economy goes down, millions are set apart and some have to work. From home and stop, gather to celebrate national and international celebrations As well as important religious festivals, the virus has produced an unprecedented ceasefire In the past, it was the gangsters who always ventured into the city to keep the people safe.

Cape Town is a port city on the southwest coast of South Africa where the city has been experiencing violence Frequent gangs, where authorities are most at risk in cracking down on gang violence But now the peace between the gangsters of the city is over Occur that no one imagined.

With a total of 1655 HIV infections in South Africa, so many major cities, including Cape Town, have been ruled out. Shut off the entire city and require people to stay indoors to fight the cholera outbreak early this April.

A few days after the city closed, Andie Steel-smith, the city's religious leader, received a call from Captain 2 Pictures that asked him for help because they had run out of food and lived with hunger due to the city's closure.

Because of Andie's sympathy and support, many major gang leaders join Andie, ending the conflict. And compete with each other in the mission of bringing home food and food to those affected by the city's closure Not enough food to eat.

Cape Town authorities said it was unimaginable that the gang and their leader had changed from the "trapped" group Concerns about violence and torture have changed for the better.

With South Africa currently in the middle of a deadlock to try to control the spread of the virus, many remain Poor communities are struggling to get the goods they need.