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People love sharing advice with each other, whether it's parenting advice or making money. But for many inexperienced traders, it can be complicated for them to hear a lot of advice or conflicting advice. It can cause them to lose confidence in their decisions.

Aside from helping businesses deal with problems or obstacles encountered, advice can have an impact on the business, especially if That advice is bad advice. So how do you know which advice to listen to and which ones you should avoid to help? To your business?

1. Who is your source
If your business account manager gives you health advice, do you trust them completely? Before listening to the advice of others, you need to think carefully about the source of the advice, that they are really a successful business Got the respect of your employees? .
You should not be misled by ugly functions or positions. If they have no evidence of what comes out of their mouth, their advice is not appropriate. No time you spend on them.

2. Did they ask you a question?
Before someone can give you guidance, they need to do the most important thing: ask a question To you. You can't give directions to a person if you don't know where they want to go, and you can't Get useful information if you don't know the situation well.

The person who gives you advice should be someone who genuinely cares about you and knows your situation. If you feel like you are being interviewed, it could be a sign that you are listening for good advice Already Edited by: Sokhuk