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You have probably heard perspectives that repeatedly remind people, "Money is the source of all bad things." Whether you think of good or bad money, one important thing to remember is that you do not survive If you have no money.

People need money for almost everything for daily living. Money is an important part of a person's life, and you've probably heard of its effects on people, and in particular Is an effect that can change people completely. The following are some examples of human change that occur because of money:

1. Money makes people think of inequality
Studies have found that the more people earn, the more they start to rethink inequality. Also. Some people think that because they are trying hard to make money, others who do not work hard or fully should respect them They are original. At the same time, they may start to feel angry or hate people who aren't working hard or who are lazy with work.

2. Money and carelessness to others
Other studies, including one from Psychological Science, show that most high-income people don't think of you Other or just show humanity to other low-income people.

3. Money causes bad behavior
A study by the University of California shows that most resourceful people have bad behaviors. Researchers note that it is not certain that they will commit a crime, but that they may change their behavior when Communicate with others.

4. Money is linked to addiction
Researchers also found that rich people were not sure whether they were addicted to drugs, alcohol, or gambling. But most of them are accustomed to buying what they want because they don't have to worry too much about money. And this habit can cause them to become addicted to harmful substances that can cause addiction. Edited by: Sokhuk