Phnom Penh: The Ministry today announced the recruitment of 23 new cases of Kovid-19, all imported cases involving 19 Cambodians Four were deported from Indonesia and 15 from Russia after the test. The third and fourth are Indonesian nationals from Malaysia.

The Ministry confirmed that the total number of Kovid-19 in Cambodia has reached 225, the number of hospitalizations has been 82, and the number has been cured. A total of 143 people were killed.

Kovid-19 cases continue to threaten us, please be careful by practicing hygiene at a distance Staying out of the house is not necessary because our neighbors and the world are continuing to spread the strong 19 Kovid disease in Yes.

We must continue to implement social gaps, such as postponing weddings, parties, drumming, dancing. Spacing, waiting, spacing, standing, debating, spacing. We need to continue to wear masks when necessary and wash our hands often with soap, alcohol or gel.

Please note that our country found the first 19 cases of Kovid disease on January 27, 2020.