The outbreak of Kovir 19 has been affected To the global economy and some of the key supporting sectors, such as the services sector, including tourism.

Ho Vandy, an advisor to the tourism association, said that as long as all countries reopen and new airlines are open, It will also revive tourism.

But due to lack of relief or positive signs, Mr. Vandy points out that, in the case of Cambodia, other countries continue to close. The Door on Ivory Coast 19 We must work hard in our district and work to bring all sectors together. 2nd transport, restaurant and food sector and st The accommodation sector needs to be functioning well, as this depends on the incentives policy as well as some support from the Ministry of Education and Inter-Ministerial to make the above three areas workable and support other sectors.

According to Ho Vandy, local tourism companies have been suspended, some have been shut down since January, February or March, and others. But the tourism companies have been encouraged by the Ministry of Labor, especially from the General Department of Taxation of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. In The deferred taxes, a support section of your emotional eating in the tourism sector in the country.

According to the President of the Royal Government of Cambodia Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen at the beginning of 2020, international tourist arrivals to Cambodia dropped by 30.7%. Chinese tourists are down around 40% from the same period in 2019. Compared with tourist destinations in neighboring countries, the rate of decline of international tourists to Cambodia is still modest.

Cambodia's Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen considers tourism as a green gold and pillar of the national economy, while revenue from international tourists By the year 2019, $ 4.919 million, or almost 13% of GDP.

Currently, regardless of the impact of the infectious disease, the tourism sector in Cambodia has grown significantly over the last decade This makes Cambodia an attractive tourist destination, contributing to the development of the society. The number of international tourists arriving in Cambodia in the first half of this year is about 6.6 million, tripling from 10 years ago. , Only 16 million ៕ By: Beauty