China-US: China on Aug. 10 decided to impose sanctions on 11 Americans in There were lawmakers who responded to Washington's decision to impose sanctions on Chinese leaders. And Hong Kong 11
Accusing them of restricting political freedom in the former British colony.

Among the American dignitaries subject to Chinese sanctions are Senators TED CRUZ, MARCO RUBIO, TOM COTTON, JOSH HAWLEY , Mr. PAT TOOMEY and Congressman CHRIS SMITH, including members of the American Freedom Defenders.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Jiang Yu's Regular Press Conference on August 10
U.S. Injustice China has decided to impose sanctions on individuals who have acted badly on Hong Kong-related issues.

The US Treasury Department on August 7 announced sanctions against
Hong Kong Chief Executive Carroll Lam and eight other Chinese and Hong Kong officials.

Chinese-sanctioned US senators and congressmen are among the strongest in China. Opportunity to pass a national security law in Hong Kong that expands China's power over Hong Kong.

A Hong Kong student, AGNES CHOW, an activist, was arrested for violating a new security law. National. Nine men and a woman aged 23 and older were arrested in Hong Kong on Tuesday, a Hong Kong security official said. The 72-year-old was arrested for violating national security laws in a police operation. Hong Kong-based pro-democracy newspaper billionaire JIMMY LAI was among those arrested. Excerpted from the website: xinhuanet (Edited by: Bopha)