Phnom Penh: The 5th Hong Kong Restaurant has officially opened on June 10, 2020 with many guests despite Cambodia suffering from the disease 19, but the restaurant has decided to open another branch. Olympic Stadium Cambodia to serve Hong Kong diners.

According to Theresa Yuen, owner of Hong Kong Restaurant in Cambodia, Hong Kong Restaurant has opened five locations in Cambodia so far, it has also received support from many Cambodian guests for guests to dine in. The five Hong Kong restaurants are located mainly from Hong Kong, mainland Malaysia, and many more, including Cambodia.

She says the reason we decided to open a series of Hong Kong restaurants in the country is because we want to bring Hong Kong-style food to our guests in Cambodia, because there are no such restaurants in Cambodia.

The fifth location in Cambodia, located in front of the Olympic Stadium, runs from 10am to 10pm, which serves a variety of authentic Hong Kong-style dishes, costing around $ 200,000 to operate. This restaurant.

She added that for the fifth branch in Cambodia, the restaurant offered employment to more than 100 Cambodians, including the chef, who is Cambodian, not from China or from Hong Kong.

Apart from Cambodia, Hong Kong Restaurant is also located in Malaysia and in the near future it will open another in Cambodia.

She also emphasized that in this era of Kovid 19, all guests who come to the restaurant are required to take their own temperature, wash their hands with alcohol and also be required to clean, according to the Ministry of Health of Cambodia. Everyone.

Currently, there are increasing numbers of foreigners in Cambodia, especially tourists who come to Cambodia, as well as the presence of international restaurants, drinks and services. Those ៕